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By youlooklikeanail

Background flag images and unit model pictures are copyright Spartan Games. The rest of it is by me.

Permission given to redistribute with attribution (please leave the README file in the archive).

Cards are designed to be printed at 300dpi at which size they should scale to roughly 2.5" x 3.5" (North American game card sized).

For each archive there are two links for download. The first is a direct download, which is sometimes slow, and the second is a torrent.

Each archive includes card images for all models available for that faction. Cards are included in Colour, Printer Friendly, and Colour Transparent Background, for those who want to add their own backgrounds (for custom cards, allied factions, or cosmetic purposes).

To understand the different areas of the new cards see the diagram.

Google Drive

Access via Google Drive

Core Nations

Kingdom of Brittania [torrent]
Empire of the Blazing Sun [torrent]
Prussian Empire [torrent]
Federated States of America [torrent]
Covenant of Antarctica [torrent]
Republic of France [torrent]
Russian Coalition [torrent]

Allies and Mercenaries

League of Italian States [torrent]
Ottoman Empire [torrent]
Dominion of Canada [torrent]
Scandinavian Teutonic Order [torrent]
Honourable Eclipse Company [torrent]
Black Wolf [torrent]
Free Australians [torrent]
Royal Australians [torrent]
East India Merchant Company [torrent]
Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth [torrent]
Chinese Federation [torrent]
Kingdom of Denmark [torrent]
Indian Raj [torrent]


Operational Assets [torrent]
Card Backs [torrent]