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The Anvil Text Editor

Anvil is a text editor heavily inspired by Acme. It is a graphical, multi-pane tiling editor that makes heavy use of the mouse and integrates closely with the shell.

Anvil follows the Acme philosophy of close integration with the shell, and the look and feel of the keyboard and mouse usage is much the same. However there are a few additions that Anvil adds, such as syntax highlighting, multiple cursors and selections, remote file editing, and allows you to run multiple instances.

Anvil provides a REST API to allow programs run from Anvil to interact with it.


Thank you to the GIO developers and community working tirelessly to create a beautiful graphical user-interface library in Go, without which this editor would not be possible.

Thanks to the Go team for creating a practical, portable, performant and clean language that is a joy to write in.